Portrait Of Carrie Jo Short

Carrie Jo Short

Director of Community ImpactCall team member at 651.325.4261

“I know that every day I spend at work I’ve helped to make the community stronger in some way, large or small. That’s an excellent way to invest a career and the reason I have been showing up to work for the past 17 years. It just feels good.”

Carrie Jo leads grantmaking for economic development, environmental issues and land use. This has her partnering with nonprofit organizations to develop and finance solutions in these areas. She also oversees all of our scholarship services and directs all grantmaking from the Katherine B. Andersen Fund, a substantial donor advised fund established in 1987. Carrie Jo is often called upon to manage additional programs and community initiatives.

Carrie Jo joined The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations in 1995. Prior to this, she worked as a grants consultant for a number of private foundations and giving programs. She has a Master of Business Administration in nonprofit management from the University of St. Thomas and a bachelor’s in political science and American studies from St. Olaf College.